Month: February 2020

Gadget Check: What you need to get started at Twitch?

For many it is the big dream: start as a streamer and turn your hobby into a profession. While many different topics are covered on YouTube, the competitive platform Twitch focuses primarily on gaming. Numerous gamers have already made it here and made a real name for themselves in the industry. Some have even been […]

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Preview: Viewsonic M1 Portable LED Projector

No soccer World Cup is waiting for us this year, but again this year big sporting events attract all fans to the living room and gardens. And how could you better enjoy the World Handball Championship or the European games together than with friends? But sitting in the stuffy living room is always boring, especially […]

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DIY Repair – What is recommended and what is not?

If your smartphone suddenly breaks, it is always very annoying. It often takes several weeks from the first complaint to the sending to the manufacturer. But in many cases it is worth repairing the smartphone yourself. A bit of skill and the correct instructions are of course required. We show you when it can be […]

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Reolink C2 Pro Surveillance Camera – Synology Compatible

We have already tested a few cameras from Reolink, including the Reolink Argus 2 that really won us over outdoors! Today we tried the Reolink C2 Pro, which is equipped with several very special features. We show you how well these work in our hands on. Features The C2 Pro from Reolink is a further […]

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